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about the brand

Lena Gianna is a unique handmade hypoallergenic jewelry and accessories brand founded by a young entrepreneur from New York in 2021. Our brand continuously works on enhancing our sustainable image by creating elevated, high quality and affordable jewelry while striving to offer even more value to our customers. Lena Gianna specializes in e-commerce and flash retailing which can be shopped at various pop-up locations or found in boutiques across the country. 


My brand's collections are influenced by my passion for self-expression through fashion as I aspire to encourage the expression of others' personal styles and visions with my pieces. Our jewelry is meant to symbolize sentiment, a reminder of a special moment, or a source of confident for those who wear it. Lena Gianna allows me to pass on part of my style to each of you as I continue to custom design and hand-make everything with love. Our jewelry and accessories are perfect for everyday wear and made to make YOU feel beautiful, confident, glamorous, and stylish of course!  

Since the very beginning, Lena Gianna has been a brand that aims to deliver personalized customer service to all of our customers. I care deeply about the opinions of you all and would love to hear any suggestions for future pieces on our Instagram. Lastly, thank you to everyone who has shown me any support or interest in my pieces. It means the world to me to see you check out Lena Gianna!

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